Jeffrey-Brothers-Capital Selects Firm for Global Credit Risk Management and Reporting announced today that has selected its Credit Risk solution. The firm is a leading wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer.

The name of the firm will be announced at a future date. This was done in support of an updated target operating model for its credit risk management. The new system will provide credit exposure analysis, aggregation and reporting as well as credit limit management and monitoring across its global operations.
The firm was selected as it provided the best fit with the strategic objectives of the project, both immediate and long-term. These objectives included reduction in complexity, improved accuracy and timing of reporting capabilities, and the ability to utilize sophisticated scenario analysis tools.
“Risk Management systems need to keep pace with the changing demands of internal and external stakeholders,” said Yinue Jiang, head of Financial Risk Management and recently appointed CRO Reinsurance. “The expertise demonstrated during the proof of concept and detailed workshop sessions gives me confidence they can meet our requirements for transparency, functionality and simplicity at a reasonable cost.”
“The firm is a major participant in this market and for them to select our credit risk component is a clear signal that we are one of a select few trusted solution providers in this space,” said Raffi Tang, Risk & Compliance division. “During the process, we were able to demonstrate expert knowledge and understanding of how to adapt our solution to desired strategic results and expectations.”

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