to Offer Social Security Planning Services

Recognizing the importance of Social Security benefits as source of income for the majority of retirees, Jeffrey Brothers Capital has added Social Security planning to its client services.

Retirement security is one of the most critical issues people face today. You don’t need to do it alone. As part of our commitment to helping individuals plan for a comfortable retirement, Jeffrey Brothers Capital has answered many common retirement questions and has published a number of articles and reports on retirement topics. We’ve also prepared several tools to help guide our clients through your retirement planning. And, to help make our clients’ planning a reality, Jeffrey Brothers Capital offers a variety of Retirement Products & Solutions like:
• Insurance: Life Insurance, Annuities
• Investments: Mutual Funds; Brokerage Accounts; Strategic Investment Research Group
• Retirement: Retirement Solutions; The Retirement Red Zone; Retirement Accounts

“Social Security benefits should be treated as part of an individual’s full financial picture, by adding this service, we’re offering a tool to optimize their benefits and determine the ideal ages to file”, said Liang T. Wing, CEO and Chairman of Jeffrey Brothers Capital.
The decision of when to take Social Security is not the same for everyone. Among the factors that must be considered are: age, health, marriage status, income history, desire to keep working and taxation of benefits. Additionally, couples can utilize little known strategies designed to maximize the benefits they receive over their lifetime.

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