Jeffrey-Brothers-Capital at Advanced Financial Planning Conference

The conference is held annually by the Asian Institute of Certified Public Accountants exclusively for CPA personal financial planners to learn new tools and techniques that can help clients achieve their financial goals; gain up-to-the minute information on changes by lawmakers and rule makers that could affect clients’ finances; and network with an elite group of financial planners from around the country to share best practices.

This conference — which marked the 25th anniversary of the ACPA serving CPAs in personal financial planning — drew 770 attendees, speakers and exhibitors. Among the topics:
• Social Security: Strategies for Optimizing Your Clients’ Benefits
• Managing Fixed Income in a Rising Rate Environment
• Creating the Family’s Crisis Management/Response Plan
• Tax Efficient Portfolio Optimization

“CPA financial planners, because of their extensive education, professional ethical standards and unwavering commitment to clients, already rank among the highest echelons of the personal financial planning industry,” said Michael Tseng, CPA/PFS, chairman of this year’s conference. “Those who attend the advanced personal financial planning conference take their skills to another level, adding knowledge that translates into even more value for clients and new paths to their personal and financial goals.”
Personal financial specialists must demonstrate – and commit to – advanced knowledge to earn the PFS designation. The PFS credential is available exclusively to CPAs who specialize in personal financial planning and are members in good standing with the AICA. Their knowledge and experience encompass disciplines such as investments, estate planning, risk management, retirement planning and personal income tax planning.
“The materials from this conference, along with other courses we have taken at Jeffrey Brothers Capital will allow us to better serve our clients in view of all the changes in regulation in taxes and estate planning taking place this year”, said Bing Chao, Vice President of Jeffrey Brothers Capital.

About Jeffrey Brothers Capital
Headquartered in Hong Kong, is a financial adviser specialist with a global perspective. Our investment products, spanning a broad range of developed and emerging markets strategies, incorporate more than 40 years of experience in world markets. Jeffrey Brothers Capital’s corporate culture fosters cre­ative thinking and a collaborative environment. We value open communication, and this is reflected in our investment approach, which is characterized not only by its rigor but also its transparency. We believe that sharing information and ideas is the most effective way to meet the needs of our clients. This is reflected in Jeffrey Brothers Capital’s team-based culture.

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