Free Traffic Marketing Strategies

free traffic marketing strategies

Today I will share some free traffic marketing strategies. For you guys that like to do or have to do this kind of marketing to increase your traffic for your websites. Don’t get me wrong I think it is a great way to market. I do it all the time. You are on one of my free traffic strategies right now. So yes it works but it takes time for things to start rolling. I do both Paid and free which really isn’t free at all lot and lot of time and a small amount of money.

Let Talk About Both Methods Free Traffic Strategies Verses Paid Traffic Strategies

Good things about paid traffic: It is fast, you won’t ever run out of traffic, you could make money today.
Bad things about paid traffic: It cost money, when the traffic budget is gone so is the traffic, can be confusing to set up.

Good things about free traffic: It last almost forever, the cost is low, once the traffic starts in most cases it keeps going.
Bad things about free traffic: It takes longer to make money; it takes a lot of your time to set up everything

I use both method to increase traffic to my blog it work out better for me. I will pay till the free starts working.

So let me share with you free methods you can use
1. article marketing
2. video marketing
3. forum marketing
4. Yahoo answers
5. SEO
6. Link wheels
7. link magnets
8. link pyramids
9. private blog network (free sites)
10. press releases

There are many more but you get the picture right. You know what all of these have in common lot of content. Because that what free is all about..

getting traffic to your website with one of these method can be a snap once you know what you’re doing. If you are worried about writing content or doing videos don’t you will get plenty of practice? The best thing to do is start and don’t stop till you make it. Most people quit right about the time they are going to make it.

Here’s a couple free traffic sources people use the most blogging for money, and video marketing. They say in the next couple of years that video marketing is going to be 50% of the traffic on the internet so video marketing traffic might be something you want start working on.

Get good at it now so when thing go full blown your ready. Video is already a big thing and when I got started about 4 years ago it was just catching on. Like I said the internet is moving along like life.

So I hope you got some value from this check out the links on the page for more great content. If you want to find out more about increasing traffic to your websites paid and free check out this..

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