X-Pole South Africa Due to Receive First of The New and Improved Fitness Equipment In Africa

X-Pole’s Unique “Pole Away”© system has also taken off in SA with more studios enquiring about this solution (see attached) and here:




“Our standalone poles come in 2 different models (SPORT and XPert) i.e. static and static/spinning and our stage poles come in 2 different models (the X-Stage and the X-Stage Lite). We are bringing in both static and spinning poles in all diameters and all finishes.All our poles come in six different finishes as well as in three different diameters. (Stainless steel, Chrome, Titanium Gold, Brass, Powder coated, Silicone). (40/45mm/50mm). In addition to the existing products above, we are broadening our product offering by bringing in some exciting new items” Says Emma Rose, Regional Director of X-Pole South Africa.


The new product lines being launched in South Africa are:


A frame and Lyra

Whilst X-Pole SA tests demand, they are bringing in the more popular type and size of hoop and shall expand upon this as requestedper demand. The X-Pole A frame allows an individual to practice Lyra/Aerial hoop at home or in a studio without the need for great height.http://www.pinterest.com/XPOLE/x-poles-a-frame-aerial-hoops/



X-PoleSA is also launching their very special “silkii” this year.

This beautifully engineered invention allows pole dancers to use aerial silks with their existing pole. This is especially good for pole silk enthusiasts or those simply wanting to combine pole and silks for conditioning or injury rehabilitation.



Silicone finish

X-Pole is also introducing silicone to their XPert, SPORT and stage poles range in a 48mm diameter. This is their version of the cirque/Chinese pole,this finish is great for beginners who want to build up their strength but do not want to take their clothing off. The silicone is placed onto the pole using a unique method and is a soft spongy material which can take the impact of hard-core moves

Product improvements


“As a result of always listening to customer feedback, we’re proud to have also made the following improvements to our existing range” says Emma


1. The pin X-Joint becomes the keyway X-joint

Our revolutionary patented X-Joint has undergone further improvement and is being replaced with “the keyway joint”, this improvement addsgreater stability and reliability by increasing the poles torque resist strength.


2. New adjuster cover for XPert pole:

Our XPert pole has a new adjuster rod cover. It’s an inspired improvement on the previous model and we’re very excited about this development for many reasons.


3. Counterfeit defense:

All X-Pole originals now come with the letter “X” etched onto the pole. This is an attempt to protect our customers from the dangers of fake X-Poles.


4. More robust packaging:

Our poles are now being shipped in improved casing. The cardboard is being replaced with heavy-duty cellophane wrap and the multiple piece box is being upgraded to a 1 piece molded, more environmentally friendly design.


5. Stronger tools:

All X-Joint tools and screws have been refined and hardened, all new tools and screws are now black not silver so you can easily identify which type you have.


6. Stage plate bags:

Our stage plate pole bags have been strengthened to minimize ripped straps and torn corners.


7. Add-ons:

We continue to offer accessories such as instructional DVD’s, hand grip, X-Clean (pole cleaner), crash mats and look forward to launching a clothing range in SA later this year.


X-Pole is really pulling out all the stops to constantly improve on their already superior product range. They have taken servicing their customers to a whole new level and are an integral part of the pole dance and aerial fitness industry, worldwide.


After recently launching their ‘Slashy’ campaign in South Africa, whereby they promote pole-dancing as a sport and a lifestyle, there is no doubt the new shipment of products will be flying off the shelves.


For campaign updates and all things X-pole South Africa, follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/XPoleSA or view their product line on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/XPOLE or visit the website www.x-pole.co.za.


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