Add Positive Impact to Your Resume – CV-4D Launches Beta

July 29th, Zurich – CV-4D is an organization dedicated to promoting, supporting and tracking positive impact. The company offers an online platform at enabling individuals, businesses and organizations to come together and collaborate on sustainable ideas and project development, while gaining recognition for their work.


As the name suggests, CV-4D seeks to add another dimension to the idea of the traditional resume by documenting and recognizing positive impact.  “We want to redesign the CV,” says Initiator and Co-founder Claudio Blunschi.  “Our goal is to make positive impact something that is valued just as much as traditional achievement.”  The platform is free of charge and open to all.  Those interested can check it out at and start building their personal impact resume.




Project Focus Areas currently available on the CV-4D platform include:

  • Basic community survival installation packages for water, air, energy & waste management
  • Global Health Issue Solving Forum providing multi-discipline perspectives
  • Global Residual Income marketplace addressing online, offline, active & passive income
  • Sustainable living, climate change neutral and renewable energy projects, products and services
  • New economy banking model built on value, providing minimal fees/charges, security, accessibility & optimal benefits
  • High quality food production and accessibility created to protect, educate & reward producers while minimizing carbon footprint
  • Optimal IT provider package including phone, internet, multi-media & cloud computing services
  • Global co-operative network system to organize existing and new co-operatives and utilize technology to improve efficacy of building surplus
  • Travel, recreation, volunteer, work & relaxation exchange platform to optimize life experience andmaintain work/life balance
  • Optimal housing system providing access to purchase and build equity that is easily transferable; equity can be cashed out instead of being lost
  • Entrepreneur support system ensuring optimal concept development, strategy implementation, network optimization & fulfillment
  • New economy marketplace for innovative quality products supporting: fair exchange for products that improve your life without exploitation/damage of humans, animals, natural resources


In conjunction with the launch of their platform, CV-4D has just kicked off a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  Their goal is to raise $33,000.  “The crowdfunding model is very much in line with our crowdsourcing ethic,” says Mr. Blunschi.  “We live by the motto ‘from the people, for the people’.”  The money will be used to further improve the platform and to add new features such as an online shop from which 7% of the proceeds will go to CV-4D user-selected charitable projects.  Contributions are crucial to the success of this initiative, and can be made at

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